BitThoughts is a newly established consulting practice, where we provide both professional and personal services for our clients. Through Form360.Studio, we provide our services on architectural design, interior design, site survey, master planning, project management, etc. We have an IT team as BitSync.Digital, which intends to provide digital solutions, home automation, web and app development, graphic design, programming solutions, etc. Besides this, our sister concern is approaching to build up a trusted and authentic e-commerce platform. The motto of BitThoughts is ‘Innovate through Sustainability’.

We work for our clients in projects independently or jointly with other organizations, based upon the requirement of the project in order to provide best possible service.

Form360.Studio is a team of qualified Architects and Engineers, who are very keen to solve architectural problems to reflect the dreams, practical requirements, and aspirations of our clients. The studio provides services on architectural design, structural design and analysis, interior decoration and renovation, master planning, 3D visualization, project management, context mapping, and many more. We believe that it is the detail that shows the quality of architecture. Form360.Studio is featured by particular attention to every minor detail of architecture project.

BitThoughts is currently working with Urbanfinity, Australia’s leading company for site analysis and context mapping. Urbanfinity launched its product CONTEXT MAP in 2019, which is a revolutionary new tool for Architects and Urban Planners to jumpstart their project work; with a suite of geospatial 3D CAD data – providing all real-world information about a new site location directly into favourite design platform.


In 2010, BitThoughts Limited was founded as an IT company. Later it turned into an architectural design firm. Now BitSync.Digital became its other venture to move forward in the IT industry. BitSync.Digital has experienced IT Engineers, Web Developers who are promised to deliver services efficiently. This team is also collaboratively working with our Architects for home automation, machine learning for modern-day architectural integration, context mapping and other day to day workflow. Also they are expert in web design, graphic design, video presentation and social media marketing. What else do you need for your project?

We believe, e-commerce and f-commerce businesses will rule the world in near future. Our concern is a digital shopping mall, which purposes to give consumers the best quality products within budget. Digmall Team is working for building networks in rural, mofussil areas and all over Bangladesh. From clothing and day to day grocery supplies, Digmall is also intending to provide building materials, indoor and outdoor furniture, decorative items, medicine, food, cold store support, etc. We want to make your life simple, in one click!