5 Tips on Building an Affordable House

Do you think and feel that it is the right time to build your own house but is a bit hesitant because you have a limited budget? Are you wondering if the money you’ve allocated for this project is sufficient to cover the expenses from start to finish?

This is a common question we receive from our clients. And we understand why this is a major concern for many. How do you proceed when stuck with this question?

Below is a guide to keep you moving. Read on.

Choosing a site that needs less scraping and digging will make the building process faster and cheaper. Also think about your convenience with all other works.

Planning is one of the most important of any building plans. First of all, list down all your ideas. It will help you decide on what to include or exclude in the future. That means, not limiting your ideas yet. After all, you are still in the first phase of the building process. So just list everything down. For example Number of bedrooms, Living Room, Number of Toilets, Other customization that you like, etc. You should hire an Architect to analyze the opportunities and limitations of your project and the context. He or she will discuss with you about your requirements, needs and demand. Architect’s job is to note down your ideas along with his or her design sense to make something appropriate for you, which will be good in function as well as aesthetics.

We all want a house with rooms for each family member, but with a limited budget, you can easily assess that a 4 bedroom house will not be very feasible. Thus, compromise with a three-bedroom house, with room for an extended room in the future. Focus on the essentials and what’s integral for the family. In this manner, you will have a better foresight on what you should focus on.

Start SIMPLE. Avoid being too extravagant. Remember that you are working with a limited budget. But don’t be sad. The simplicity of your house doesn’t mean it will look that way forever. You can slowly make changes along the way. It’s just, for now, you need to be content with a simple house. You should focus on the minimum needs that your family requires. Avoid expensive fittings and fixtures.

Say “NO” to any random builder. This is your HOME and your DREAM HOUSE, so don’t let just anyone work on it. Your Architect can suggest to you. Otherwise, you may choose on your own. Do a background check on your home builder of choice to ensure they have the proper experience. Ask for work references and previous jobs to know if they fit your style and preferences.