2 Storied Residential Building

Project Type: Residential
Site: Tribidda, Madhaiya, Cumilla
Client: Nazma Akter
Architect: Maruf Hossain, Tawsif Munawar
Structural Engineer: Nahid Hasan
Built Area: 2750 SqFt

Axonometric View

The site for this project is located at Tribidda village, which is situated in Madhya, Cumilla. The site area is about 1680 SqFt. It faces towards the south and there is a pond on the south side adjacent to the road. Our idea was to make a noticeable architecture between the neighborhood, incorporate south breeze with both units and cut the glare of West. We have used veranda, glass, various punches to invite light and air from the south, and shading devices at West Facade to reduce heat. The client demanded two separate units on two floors, each containing 1 Master Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Common Toilet, Kitchen, Dining, and Living. All these functions were successfully accommodated with the consideration of light and ventilation. We have also made a celebrated entrance and staircase. Master Bedrooms on both floors will have a nice view of the waterbody.

Rendered Image of the Project and it’s context