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Welcome to the official website of Form360.Studio. We are a team of qualified Architects and Engineers, who are very keen to solve architectural problems to reflect the dreams, practical requirements, and aspirations of our clients. The studio provides services on architectural design, structural design and analysis, interior decoration and renovation, master planning, 3D visualization, project management, context mapping, and many more. We believe that it is the detail that shows the quality of architecture. Form360.Studio is featured by particular attention to every minor detail of architecture project.
Here, we showcase our projects and profiles. Please check back regularly as it will get better with time.

Design Your
Dream Project!

We are waiting for your call to start working on your project.
Our team consists of aspiring architects and civil engineers, who develop the projects starting with a sketch and following it up to complete implementation of intended ideas.

Whether our client is looking to breathe new life into a formerly vacant building or turn bare land into a beautiful landscape, we can help our clients reinvigorate the place with our innovative and creative solutions. Our team dedicatedly works on renovating and restoring projects through in-depth research, critical analysis and unique, sustainable design solution.

Our Core Services

Architectural Design

We aim to bring our clients’ vision into reality. Our goal is to focus on our clients’ needs and provide them with functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing design and architectural solutions. Our services range from providing architectural solutions for residential, school, commercial structures to providing landscape designs and many more.

Interior Design

We understand how important interior space is important. We, therefore, focus to provide our clients with interior design ideas that create a perfect solution, balancing the function and form, creating beautiful spaces that bring comfort to one’s mind, improving the mood, and evoking positive feelings. We provide an interior design solution for both residential and commercial use.

3D Visualization

We dedicate ourselves to recreating our clients’ visions with 3D visualization. Provide us with information on what you are looking for through sketches, images, 2D plans, or any other materials and we will bring it into reality through 3D modeling and 3D rendering. We will help you in the best possible way to represent your object, keeping in mind the smallest of details.

Master Planning

We work closely with our clients to innovate and deliver well-integrated, sustainable, and practical master plans. We strive to shape the urban environment and help communities develop by providing comprehensive planning, urban design, and infrastructure design. We also work on providing our clients with concept development layouts and zoning details for plans

Service Design

We provide our clients with reliable structural analysis, ensuring that the structural design solution we provide is cost-effective while still maintaining its international standards in quality. Also, we are able to provide creative solutions to various building services design such as electrical layout, mechanical layout, plumbing layout, and many more, working closely to meet the needs of our clients.

Model Making

Whether you need a 3D scale model for your presentation or for any other purposes, we can help by providing our clients with scale models made with skillful craftsmanship. We provide the assurance of bringing out the essence of the designer’s vision and ideas through our professional workmanship and focusing on its every detail feature.

We know estimating the cost of a project can prove to be a hassle, but at the same time it is essential to know exactly how much you are investing. We provide our clients with an overview of cost estimates with complete accuracy and detail.

We offer our clients consultancy services in construction management along with construction supervision and maintenance work. You can feel more comfortable and confident by having a professional architectural consultant by your side, guiding you through the construction process and assisting you in any matter as per your request.


Increasing your insight and knowledge about the surroundings to help you visualize the world around you better with the help of the information you will gain through our context mapping. Context Map is used by architects and urban planners in which they use the advantage of information collected from geospatial 3D cad data on a location to get a clearer picture regarding a specific area.

We are currently working with URBANFINITY, Australia’s leading company for site analysis and context mapping, along with the aim to introduce its use in Bangladesh at a broader scale.