Architectural Design

We aim to bring our clients’ vision into reality. Our goal is to focus on our clients’ needs and provide them with functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing design and architectural solutions. Our services range from providing architectural solutions for residential, school, commercial structures to providing landscape designs and many more.

Interior Design

We understand how important the interior space is to our clients. We therefore focus to provide our clients with the interior design solution that creates a perfect solution, balancing the function and form, creating beautiful spaces that bring comfort to one’s mind, improving the mood and evoking positive feelings. We provide interior design solution for both residential and commercial use.

3D Visualization

We dedicate ourselves into recreating our clients’ visions with 3D visualization. Provide us with information on what you are looking for through sketches, images, 2D plans or any other materials and we will bring it into reality through 3D modeling and 3D render. We will help you in the best possible way to represent your object, keeping in mind the smallest of details. We also provide our clients with 3D animations of great quality.

Graphic Design

We provide our clients with professional graphic designs of high quality which serves various purposes, such as designing logo, posters, leaflets, magazines, brochures, business cards, invitations, greeting cards, banner and many more. We aspire in making our designs unique and captivating.

Cost Estimation

We know estimating the cost of a project can prove to be a hassle, but at the same time it is essential to know exactly how much you are investing. We provide our clients with an overview of cost estimates with complete accuracy and detail.

Model Making

Whether you need a 3D scale model for your presentation or for any other purposes, we can help by providing our clients with scale model made with skillful craftsmanship. We provide the assurance of bringing out the essence of the designer’s vision and ideas through our professional workmanship and focusing on its every detail features.

Structural Design and Analysis

We provide our clients with reliable structural analysis, ensuring that the structural design solution we provide is cost-effective while still maintaining its international standards in quality.

  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Steel Structures
  • Timber Structures
  • 3D-Space frame analysis for building structures
  • Finite element analysis for all types of structures
  • Gravity load analysis for Dead load, Live Load & Imposed load combinations
  • Lateral load analysis for Dead load, Wind load, Seismic load combinations
  • Knowledge of loading standards – BS, ASCE, AS and SABS codes
  • Evaluation and selection of primary structural systems
  • Preliminary foundation layout
  • Preliminary analysis, establishing critical member sizes for preliminary elements
  • Primary framing drawings, with sizes of primary members only and indicative structural connection types (Scale as per the requirement of the client)
  • Preliminary input to Architect on architectural elements
  • Design basis and detailed structural analysis
  • Typical Design Calculations for all elements
  • Determination of all primary and most secondary structural element sizes
  • Drawings defining all structural elements, including plans, elevations, sections and details with adequate cross- referencing
  • Layout and size of secondary framing members (stairs and railings, canopies, platforms, lifts, ladders etc.)
  • Details and positions of control / construction joints
  • Structural Detailing for all members (as per the requirement)
  • Isolated footings
  • Combined footings
  • Pile foundation
  • Raft foundation

Building Services Design

We provide creative solutions to various building services design such as electrical layout, mechanical layout, plumbing layout and many more, working closely to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Air conditioning
  • BMS
  • Compressed air
  • Ductwork
  • Fire alarms
  • Heating
  • HV and LV installations
  • Lift services
  • Lighting and lighting controls
  • Maintenance and engineering
  • Medical gases
  • Plumbing
  • Refrigeration
  • Renewable / LZC energy systems (Photovoltaic’s, CHP, ground source heat pumps, etc)
  • Security, access and CCTV systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Utility supplies
  • Ventilation
  • Voice and data systems
  • Water treatment

Context Mapping

Increase your insight and knowledge about the surroundings to help you visualize the world around you better with the help of the information you will gain through our context mapping. Context map is used by architects and urban planners in which they use the advantage of information collected from geospatial 3D cad data on a location to get a clearer picture regarding a specific area.
We are currently working with URBANFINITY, Australia’s leading company for site analysis and context mapping, along with the aim to introduce its use in Bangladesh at a broader scale.

Master Planning

We work closely with our clients to innovate and deliver a well-integrated, sustainable and practical masterplans. We strive to shape the urban environment and help communities develop by providing comprehensive planning, urban design and infrastructure design. We also work on providing our clients with concept development layout and zoning details for plans.

Project Management

We provide project management services with immense dedication and sincerity from our part. We will take the load off your shoulder by providing supervision for your project, making sure that you get the output you deserve. Our professional project managers will guarantee the highest standards of project management, employing all the necessary strategies to ensure your business benefits and deliver the project on time with proper cost-effective techniques and quality.

Programming Solutions

Our IT department has a lot to offer to our clients. From providing programming solutions, web development, software development to helping our clients with database maintenance, our IT experts can provide you with the solution you require in order to help you control your business better in the digital world.

Home Automation

We work to provide our clients with a more agreeable and secured environment through our smart home solutions. Make the place you live in truly your home by having complete control over your home environment. We can help you with your home automation by providing convenient access on remotely controlling the lighting and climate of your house, creating a comfortable atmosphere to support your activities throughout the day while saving energy. Integrate your house with your smartphone and your WiFi and through other networking platform. Also, increase the security of your house by controlling the lock of your doors, setting security alarm and surveillance the security camera remotely from a distance, ensuring the safety of your home and family.

Architectural Renovation

Whether our client is looking to breathe new life into a formerly vacant building or turn a bare land into a beautiful landscape, we can help our clients reinvigorate the place with our innovative and creative solutions. Our team dedicatedly works on renovating and restoring projects through in-depth research, critical analysis and unique, sustainable design solution.

Soil Test Analysis

Analyzing the soil of the site for your construction project plays a vital role in assessing the suitability of the soil and determines its ability to support your structure. We deliver our clients with the data on soil test analysis for their site and help our clients with making decision and plan for the project.

Building Construction

We offer our clients consultancy services in construction management along with construction supervision and maintenance work. You can feel more comfortable and confident by having a professional architectural consultant by your side, guiding you through the construction process and assisting you in any matter as per your request.

Joint Venture Development

We work for our clients in projects independently or jointly with other organizations, based upon the requirement of the project in order to provide our clients with the best possible service. We are happy to contribute in development projects with full co-operation and dedication by working with other institutes and provide valuable insights through our expertise to ensure the best possible outcome on the project.